Welcome to the home of the 2016 ESPL series at Flagswipe Paintball.

The Empire Series Paintball League (ESPL) is the longest running paintball tournament series in Ontario! 24 years strong, and although the game has changed dramatically, the professional attitude of the ESPL has always remained.

This is a tournament series for novice and rookie players. See "rules" for exceptions if you've ever played paintball at a high end tournament level (ie. CXBL). Join dozens of hopeful teams in the race for victory. With 5 events throughout the year, your team will have time to learn, grow, and excel in the paintball tournament scene. Young Guns division for persons under 17, and Rookie division open to players all ages. This match style tournament is a great platform for flexing your paintball skills in a competitive yet friendly environment. Best of all, prizes are awarded
IN CASH at each tournament!

Only teams that play all 5 events will be considered for the overall championship.

Registration can be completed by calling our proshop at 519-642-0908, coming into the proshop at 529 Philip Street in London, Ontario or by registering online at www.buypaintball.ca (or click the register button).

In 2016 FRP Cards will be $20.00 Including HST and can be purchased at Flagswipe's Retail Proshop, or at the events.

ROF CHANGE: ROOKIE (DIVISION II) is now uncapped semi-auto.

Want more money? This year our Division II offers a unique sliding scale prize format....most series base their prizes on 10 teams. The more teams, the more money they make. ESPL is different....the more teams, the more YOU make.Check out the prizes page for more details!! As always our prizes are paid in cash, at the event.